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Connecticut STATE LAW


– 25% of disposable earnings or 40 times the federal minimum hourly wage ($5.15), whichever is less.


– Legal: 8%
– Judgment: 10%


– Open Account (credit card): 6 years
– Written Contract: 6 years (3 years if oral)
– Domestic Judgment: 20 or 25 years
– Small Claims Judgment: 10 or 15 years
– Foreign Judgment: 20 years

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Two party state

(Connecticut General Statutes Annotated):

– You can claim either the state exemptions below or the federal exemptions.
– The State of Connecticut exempts the property below from seizure by creditors when filing bankruptcy

Real Estate:

– Real property or mobile home up to $75,000 [52–352b(t)]

Personal property:

– Utility and security deposits for residence, unlimited amount [52–352b(l)]
– Appliances, food, clothing, bedding and furniture (amounts needed) [52–352b(a)]
– Tools, books, instruments and farm animals, amounts needed, [52–352b(b)
– Motor vehicle to $1,500 [52–352b(j)]
– Wedding and engagement rings; clothing, food and bedding; burial plot, unlimited amount [52–352b(c)]
– Arms, equipment, uniforms or musical instruments required for military use, unlimited amount [52–352b(i)]
– Health aids, unlimited amount [52–352b(f)]
– Wedding and engagement rings, unlimited amount [52–352b(k)]
– Proceeds for damaged exempt property up to exemption amount [52–352b(q)]

Insurance / Annuities:

– Health or disability benefits, unlimited amount [52–352b(e)]
– Unmatured life insurance policy loan value up to $4,000 [52–352b(s)]
– Life insurance proceeds, unlimited amount [38a–453]
– Life insurance proceeds if policy prohibits proceeds from being used to pay creditors, unlimited amount, [38a–454]
– Fraternal society benefits, unlimited amount [38a–637]
– Disability benefits paid by association, unlimited amount [52–352b(p)]

Pensions / Retirement Plans:

– Teachers, unlimited amount [10–183q]
– State employees, unlimited amount [95–171 and 5–192w]
– Municipal employees, unlimited amount [7–446]
– Probate judges and employees, unlimited amount [45a–48]
– Retirement benefits, amounts being received [52–352b(m)]

Public Benefits:

– Social Security, unlimited amount [52–352b(g)
– Workers compensation, unlimited amount [52–352b(g)]
– Crime victims compensation, unlimited amount [52–352b(o) and 54–213]
– Aid to aged, blind, disabled and families with dependent children, unlimited amount [52–352b(d)]
– Veterans benefits, unlimited amount [52–352b(g)]
– Unemployment compensation, unlimited amount [31–272(c) and 52–352b(g)]
– Wages from earnings incentive program, unlimited amount [52–352b(d)]


– 75% of earned but unpaid wages [52–361a(f)(1)]


– Any property up to $1,000 [52–352b(r)]
– Alimony up to amount of wage exemption [52–352b(n)]
– Child support, unlimited amount [52–352b(h)]
– Farm partnership animals, feed and property necessary to a farming operation where at least 50% of partners are members of same family [52–352d]