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Fees And Prices


Credit Restoration Service

We initially charge $39.00 after we provide you with our analysis of your credit and best strategies to achieve your goals

After that we charge a flat fee of $35.00 per item corrected or removed from any of your credit reports.

There is no set up fee, monthly fee or any other kind of charge.  You pay for our service only after we deliver.

Our total prices are actually lower than the prices you can expect to pay to any of our competitors charging a monthly fee.

Compared to other credit repair organizations that charge $50 or more a month, $35.00 per item deleted is a good deal.

These monthly fee based companies claim to obtain an average of 9 deletions in the first 3 months which at first glance looks cheaper than ours,  so where is the catch?

If you read the fine print you will find something like “The number of items removed represents the combined removals for all three credit bureaus.”  That makes only 3 accounts removed.  And you will also find something like “Individual results might vary”

The truth is… The longer they take to do the job the more money you will pay them… They do not want to repair your credit quickly; doing so would hurt their revenues.

By the time you decide to fire them the total amount of money paid to the company divided by the total number of accounts deleted will be greater than 50, You will pay more than $50 per account deleted per credit bureau, that is their minimum target price.

Even if you grossly overpaid them and you ask for a refund they will prorate the number of items deleted for $50 dollars a piece and refund you the excess. This is the reason why they can afford to spend so much money on advertising, their clients pay it all.

UPDATE 3/2/2011

We have only reluctantly implemented this initial credit report analysis fee as the best possible solution in order to provide better service to our clients….this helps us to weed out those that are not motivated from those that truly are…allowing us more time & energy helping those that are motivated… What we offer is still the best & most honest deal out there


"Do It Yourself" Service

We offer this service at no charge to anyone, however we do not provide dispute letters, we only answer generic questions

ID Theft Protection

We offer this service at no charge for 6 months after signup for the credit restoration process, after that we charge $9.00 a month.

ID Theft Recovery

We charge a flat fee of $200.00 regardless of the number of fraudulent accounts listed on your credit reports. In order to qualify for this service, you will need to send us a police report listing all the accounts involved.

Credit Report Lock

We charge a one time fee of $50.00 to lock all three credit reports or $20.00 per report.



No money down, we will bill you only for results




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