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We write unique letters

Big Credit Repair Companies and Generic Computerized Dispute Letters.


Unique Letters


This is a problem that you are going to have with almost every big and "reputable" credit repair company.
We are a small group of only four people.  We intend to keep it that way because it is the only way we can provide our clients with high quality service.  Generally speaking in this business, the bigger the company you hire, the lower quality of service you receive.  There are no exceptions that we know of to this rule.
Regardless of what they say on their web sites, it is common practice for big companies to send thousands of identical letters changing the names, Social Security and account numbers. 

Usually, they change the letter templates every few weeks or as soon as their clients begin to receive "frivolous dispute" responses from the credit reporting agencies.

They have so many clients that this is the only practical way to handle it.  It is also the cheapest possible way to do it. 

Their profits soar when you make your 30 to 60 dollars monthly payment in exchange of a few letters sent from their automated systems.  They have no reason to do it the right way because the longer you have bad credit the more money they will make.  Even those who provide a closed contract for 6 months usually find a way to convince the client to renew it.

At your request we will provide you with copies of every piece of mail sent in your name.  We have nothing to hide or any trade secrets to protect.  There is no such a thing as "secret letters" or "secret tricks".  Only a good knowledge of the laws will force the credit reporting agencies and banks to cooperate.

In our letters, we will make you look like a highly educated consumer who is willing to sue anyone who refuses to comply with the law.  In 99% of cases, this is enough.
There are also legal reasons to avoid generic letters.  BCR Consulting is the only company in the market that will tell you the truth about this matter so you can make an informed decision. 

This is the most relevant reason:
When a credit bureau or financial institution starts receiving identical letters from many different people, they know that these people are using the services of a credit repair company.  They have hundreds of identical letters that can prove it.
Even though credit repair companies are perfectly legal, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that no credit bureau or furnisher of information has any liability for non-compliance if the consumer is represented by a Credit Repair Organization (CRO)


FCRA § 623(a)8)(G) and FCRA CRA § 623(a)(8)(B)(iv)


This paragraph shall not apply if the notice of the dispute is submitted by, is prepared on behalf of the consumer by, or is submitted on a form supplied to the consumer by, a credit repair organization, as defined in section 403(3), or an entity that would be a credit repair organization, but for section 403(3)(B)(i).

Click Here to read the whole FCRA

If a credit bureau, collection agency or bank spots you as a user of a credit repair organization, they can mark you as such.  Once this happens, they can legally dismiss as frivolous any further FCRA disputes from you without fear of a lawsuit, even if you later hire true professionals or dispute them directly.
This makes any further efforts to clean up your credit nearly impossible.  You may have to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit in order to gain their attention.
Generic form letters cannot address your specific situation.  It is much better when every account is disputed accurately and in a personal way.


No money down, we will bill you only for results


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